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If you're concerned about your roof life and the condition of the roof, then you need to get in touch with the top roof inspectors in Sonora who can take a look and shoot you straight. Since we're not a roofing contractor, we don't stand to gain anything by telling you that it's time for a roof replacement. But we will let you know the truth about your roof - whether you need roofing maintenance or roof repair... or nothing at all!

Sonora Residential Roof Inspections

As licensed and insured providers of home inspections around Sonora, you need to get in touch - we know the area so well, and often find problems that others have missed, such as areas that need dry rot repair which can easily go unnoticed.

A Sonora roof inspection has its nuances, and all variables need to be taken into consideration - not just the state of the roof and type of roof, but other things such as: the status of the home warranty; determining what can be taken care of with a simple roof cleaning; how much help a gutter replacement or repair might help etc...

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No matter the condition of the roof in question, you're in good hands - no matter what type of roof you have!

  • wood shake roof
  • flat roof
  • tile roofing
  • all types of roofing that are found around Sonora
  • composition shingle
  • cool roofs

Concerned because you might have roof leaks? No problem. The inspection process is a breeze when you call Clarity. As someone who came from the trades, I know the ins and outs of inspection, and I'm in your corner to shoot it straight. Residential roofing can be a nightmare if you don't know who to trust. That's why it pays to start with a home inspector with certification to inspect roofs.

Gutter inspections in Sonora

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Don't forget the gutters! As you know, storms around Sonora can drop tons of rain in a short period, resulting in gutter overflow, which can result in roof damage. Gutters can cause significant roof damage if they're not maintained. If they back up, they'll allow water to pile up and go where it shouldn't, which results in rot and leaks into the home. When I come out for a roof inspection just ask for a gutter inspection and I'll make the proper recommendation for gutter repair, gutter cleaning, or I'll let you know if it's time for a new gutter installation job.

Moving your Roof Inspection Forward

We are happy to communicate any findings to your roofing contractor as needed.

As a certified home inspector, you can rest assured that my many 5 star review clients can't be wrong, and neither will you be!

Get in touch with us now for the best service in Sonora. Schedule your inspection and rest assured you'll be taken care of.

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What my Inspection clients have to say!

  • frank property inspection client⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Frank B.: I called multiple home inspectors to inspect my home it was built in 1920! Curtis was the only one who had knowledge about old homes I was very comfortable with the knowledge he knew and was impressed about the wiring if it was converted over or update it I would definitely recommend him if you need a home inspection for a new or especially a older home he stood there for 8 hours he went beyond the call of duty to make sure this was solid or not and to answer every question I had! - Frank B.
  • testimonial from sacramento real estate inspector client ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Matt Nguyen: Kurtis customer service is beyond excellent. He was inspecting a home that I have listed for sale and reached out to me. I never had an home inspector call me to provide me with so much detail information. I was blown away with his level of professionalism.

    He is always available to answer any call or question. Makes me feel great when I know I can count on him. I would highly recommend Clarity Property Inspections.
  • jon broughton review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Jon Broughton: If you are looking for a highly skilled and professional Inspection company, Kurtis is your go to guy with Clarity Property Inspections!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you Kurtis! I will definitely be doing more work with you.

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