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Buying a home is perhaps one of the most significant investments you will make in your life. That's why if you want to buy a new property, be sure of its condition. You should keep in mind that this is a significant outlay of money that involves a considerable portion of your present (your savings) and future assets in case you decide to apply for a loan.

So so that you know not only the real state of the property but that you be sure that you are really paying what is fair for the property, your best ally will be an excellent home inspector. It is essential that you know the benefits of having your potential new home reviewed by these specialists.

Why Hire a Home Inspector?

Everyone who sells a home will “makeup” it to get the best possible price for it. They will do minor work such as painting and decorating, to make you see that the property is in optimal condition. However, that house may contain hidden damages that, after you sign, they are your responsibility. This implies that you will have to pay for them to repair them and to be able to have your new home in optimal conditions.

If the damages are very severe, in the worst cases, you may lose your investment, notably compromising the future and the well-being of your family. The professional inspection verifies the real condition of the structure and allows you to decide in an informed and reliable way if you choose to take the big step or not. With an extraordinary inspector you will be able to dispel doubts and fears and even plan financially to make the arrangements in case you consider that it is still worth the effort.

A professional inspection can also legally protect you. In some cases, the vendors do make the arrangements, but they don't apply for the proper permits from the city council. Once you sign, that irresponsibility will be on your own, and it will be up to you to answer to the authorities for those legal irregularities. If you want more advice from the most extraordinary buyer039s home inspector contact us; at Clarity Property Inspections we will be happy to assist you.

What Does the Home Inspector Check?

Requirements for home inspections vary from state to state. However, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has a page detailing a standardized list of the minimum a certified inspector must verify. Here are the main points:

  • Structure: including visible foundations, subsidence, or slopes.
  • Safety: the condition of alarms, sprinklers, stairs, handrails, and railings.
  • Terrain: well spills, proper drainage, and soil conditions.
  • Roof: the condition of tiles, flat roofs, respirators, chimneys, and gutters.
  • Outdoors: free spaces, condition of paint or exterior wall coverings, lights, and electrical outlets.
  • Attic: its proper insulation and ventilation. Also, if the is and any sign of water damage.
  • Inner pipes: the integrity of pipelines, toilets, tubs, and showers, and the proper hot water temperature.
  • Electrical system: condition and type of visible wiring and proper operation of devices.
  • Basement: Solid foundations, walls, and floors without seepage or water damage.

Need An Extraordinary Home Inspection?

If you want to buy a home and want to make an informed and safe decision, you have the most outstanding buyer039s home inspector at Clarity Property Inspections. We are the certified reference inspection service in Northern California, and we are ready to work on your behalf. Protect your investment and rest assured that you are making the ideal choice. Contact us.

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